Myofascial Bodywork – Structural Integration

Body architecture and postural balance… what is it?

Structural Integration is a hands on method of Bodywork that educates the body through deep tissue release and movement to restore balance and function. Its origin was by the American Scientist Dr.Ida Rolf (1896-1977) one of the first Somatic pioneers to stress the importance of the soft tissue network, calling it ‘the organ of structure’

The treatment strives to harmonise the body in gravity by re-organising the relationship between the bones and soft connective tissues (e.g. muscles and ligaments) Re-organising the body is achieved by releasing tension along identifiable lines of connective tissues based on the ground breaking Anatomy Trains concept.

How does it work?

An unbalanced body will be in constant conflict with gravity which requires more energy to keep the body aligned through a central axis. this causes the tissues to shorten as they come under strain (hypertonic) which in turn makes them dysfunctional as they lose their pliable and elastic abilities. Dysfunctional soft tissues become stiff and painful creating further compensatory patterns all over the body. The unconscious mind reinforces these patterns in the memory of the soft tissues and over time distorts our posture that also affects our breathing, digestion and overall psychological wellbeing.

Structural Bodywork addresses the whole body as a constantly changing functional unit unlike other therapies that focus on “symptom-fixing’ approaches.

Cost per 1 hour session £65

Neuromuscular Therapy/Deep Tissue

For chronic pain and general tensions in the body neuromuscular therapy can improve and restore the muscular skeletal system using various techniques and manipulations based on the model of biotenstegrity. It is complimentary to structural bodywork and indeed comes from the same idea that the body must be treated as a whole and that the myofascial system can develop all over body pain when it reaches a chronic state of pain. Neuromuscular Therapy focuses on  trigger points…precise locations that cause pain. Sometimes these trigger points can refer pain to other areas of the body due to the complexity of the nervous system and how it affects the whole body even though the problem is coming from one specific place.

Cost per 50mins session £60


Fibromyalgia Treatment using Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Relaxing treatment for those who have developed fibromyalgia and find any kind of hands on therapy too painful to receive. Using specific frequencies to calm the nervous system down enables the therapist to access the areas in the body needing released and relaxed creating calm within the nervous system and relief of that intense pain breaking the perpetuating cycle.

Cost per 1hour session £50


Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

MLD is a specialised therapy using gentle and rhythmic pumping techniques that moves the skin in the direction of lymph flow.

The Lymphatic system is a network of tissues and vessels that transports and maintains excess fluid and proteins from the tissues that can’t be removed through the blood vessels. It is part of the immune system as well as playing a role in absorbing fats and fat soluble nutrients.